Sculpting the extraordinary in navigation

Because every sailing dream is unique, Chantier Fernand Hervé designs and manufactures exceptional pieces of naval goldsmithery.

For four generations, Chantier Fernand Hervé has been materializing dreams of blue water escapism by producing custom-built boats that are the perfect extension of its customers' identities. More than just a means of transport, our blue-water sailboats and yachts are a unique asset, where exception and serenity reign supreme from bow to stern.

Small or large, in wood or composite, our know-how, combining traditional and modern methods, combines with our high standards to deliver nautical works of art, whether sailing or motorized. Our boats are meticulously hand-crafted, and are uniquely tailored to your sailing requirements, taking into account all safety and comfort criteria.

We've been modeling, building and outfitting extraordinary boats since 1946, for every purpose, for every sailing condition, and above all for the thrill of it all.

Our projects


Eole, a majestic sailboat which elegantly combines wood species and the robustness of carbon, embodies elegance and sophistication. With a craftsmanship requirement pushed to its peak, this 60-foot vessel meets the client's requirements for a family vessel that is easy to maneuver, but which remains efficient. Our team has raised the […]

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Wood construction

Plongez dans l’essence même du nautisme, l’émotion, le confort et la sérénité, au travers l’élégance des navires en bois.

Interior layout

Explorez des intérieurs maritimes méticuleusement conçus, à la fois fonctionnels et émotionnellement prégnants, pour une expérience unique.

Composite construction

Découvrez cette alternative révolutionnaire où technique et passion s’unissent pour créer des navires sur-mesure aux performances optimisées.

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