From dream to reality, Chantier Fernand Hervé's boats are based on proven processes, experience and know-how accumulated since 1946 as well as the requirement for tailor-made production. The goal: exceptional ships that convey emotions.

The first milestone: from dream to sketch

Shaping the dream of navigation always begins with a first meeting in our shipyard. This first meeting allows us to understand the aspirations through the discussions. Sometimes limpid or on the contrary evanescent, dreams and desires draw the first curves of the ship project. Regardless, we guide the desires so that the concept is truly suitable for future use. 

The Chantier Fernand Hervé teams understand the needs, discerning the very essence of the project entrusted to them. This first projection phase is essential to lay the foundations of the concept. Each choice draws in more detail the contours of the boat, where the desires of the soul and the constraints of reality combine. We share, explore, refine, and offer variants, perfectly suited to the use and future investment. 

Then the architect, appointed by us or selected in advance by our clients, offers an innovative perspective, focused on the design of the ship itself. Great names in naval architecture such as Axel de Beaufort and Guillaume Verdier, for example, have given us the honor of participating in the design of the EOLE ship from Chantier F. Hervé.

The spirit of tailor-made is unique, it is an approach to which we adhere or not. This approach assumes that all parties invest deeply and humanly. Made-to-measure is another relationship to times, materials, gestures. It requires perfect harmony between the protagonists, clients, architects and ourselves. It requires everyone to immerse themselves and integrate the project for the alchemy to work.

From project outline to concept

When the course of the navigation project is set, Chantier Fernand Hervé engineering will come into action to correlate the applicant's aspirations, the naval architect's drawings and the technical and safety requirements specific to navigation. 

The teams from our Fernand Hervé Site Design Office carry out feasibility studies, develop 3D plans and cost the entire project. This decisive step and the ongoing work of the Design Office make it possible to materialize the requests and those of the architects, while at the same time ensuring project monitoring, planning, and respect for the allocated resources.

Everything is thought out in advance to optimize the construction, each detail being a centerpiece of the ship to be born and the sailing experience to be had.

Plans with demanding sourcing

A culture drives us within Chantier Fernand Hervé: loyalty. If this applies to the women and men working with us, it also materializes in our relationship with the materials used in the development of our ships. Thus, we cultivate long-standing ties with our partners, building lasting relationships of trust over the years. And it is on this basis that the partner most inclined to transform the imagination of this ship into a tangible reality is selected for each client.

A range of materials lies before us – from traditional wood to more modern materials – and each choice is guided by your aspirations and technical requirements. Materials and desires come together, guided by the benevolent eye of the architect who ensures the cohesion and harmonization of these choices. Then the raw material is caressed, sculpted and refined under the hands of our collaborators on the site. We pay particular attention to materials, an essential respect and requirement guaranteeing their optimal development.

Chantier F. Hervé employs the know-how of local artisans from La Rochelle by engaging in manufacturing governed by the principles of craftsmanship associated with the best modern tools and methods. Naturally made to measure, each stage of construction is carried out by hand, and can sometimes include digital machining services. 


The manufacturing process begins with the hull, we structure it in parallel with the prefinishing work of the exterior and the deployment of the electrical, electronic and hydraulic systems. The bridge and interior fittings are carried out in the final stages of the construction site. The hand production of the majority of components, logically required by custom manufacturing, also allows for permanent quality control on the parts being produced. Indeed, as these are produced by hand, they are scrutinized and each defect, however small, is thus rectified.

When reality overwhelms you...

The perfect conclusion to the strong human relationships maintained between all those involved in the project and several months of work, the launching of a boat is undoubtedly the high point of our work. If the emotion shared between the clients and the teams of the Chantier F. Hervé is more than alive by this true “birth” of the ship, the contemplation of the work and its double reflected on the water quickly gives way to the process of usage verification before its first waves.

The time for its total expression has come. To whom it may concern, to teach him how to sail, to share with him the many and diverse maritime sensations, finally, to live the sailing experience many times dreamed of and to set sail. Bien évidemment, la relation avec nos clients perdure après la livraison du navire, et nous apprécions que les échanges demeurent.


Guided by passion and high standards, our team is committed to crafting exceptional vessels, demonstrating our approach combining artisanal know-how and innovation, where each boat is designed with particular attention. afin d’offrir l’expérience maritime ultime.

Humans as a common denominator

Our approach is resolutely human-oriented, and these values ​​are anchored in each of our actions. We attach great importance to discussions with our customers in order to fully understand their expectations and desires regarding their boat. Rigor and high standards are our watchwords throughout the construction process, thus ensuring the creation of exceptional works.

Our design process is entirely focused on the desires and requirements required for peaceful navigation, with balanced compromises allowing us to produce a vessel delivering the perfect navigation experience desired. Throughout the construction of your ship, we regularly invite our sponsors to come and assess the progress of the project. This close and transparent collaboration as well as the participation – even active – of customers in the design and manufacturing process are vectors of success. Indeed, those most involved will be able, if necessary, to actively participate, alongside us, in the construction of their boat.

Passion and excellence for demands

Each member of our team shares this passion for construction and the open sea, and we take it to heart to pass this on to our customers when they visit our site. Our company is above all a family affair, know-how is infused from generation to generation.

For us, passion, know-how, ethics and high standards are harmoniously intertwined in each of our achievements, testifying to our commitment to the art of shipbuilding.

Sustainability as a key word

Proximity with our partners is an essential value for us. We favor short circuits and maintain close ties with our loyal collaborators, thus promoting lasting relationships over time. 

Each creation is guided by our desire for sustainability, with the aim of designing boats that are strong, elegant and designed to stand the test of time and conditions. Certain of their durability and the care taken in their maintenance, we however guarantee the vessels produced within the F. Hervé Shipyard.

Finally, we are firmly committed to respecting the most rigorous standards to progress towards a more responsible environmental approach, where the preservation of nature and marine resources is a priority. Notre expertise dans la construction de bateaux en bois nous permet d’optimiser l’utilisation de matériaux durables, biosourcés, ainsi que de pratiques respectueuses de l’environnement. Nous vous conseillons également des mesures d’utilisation et d’entretien pour prolonger la vie de votre bateau tout en préservant la nature.