A family story


Chantier Fernand Hervé embodies above all a family of people passionate about a job well done, driven by unfailing standards, whatever the job we undertake. As sailors at heart, we have always been lulled by the sound of the waves, and our history finds its roots in this common passion. This fascination with the sea permeates our DNA and is reflected in each of our creations.

A family story

In 1946 in La Rochelle, Fernand Hervé, known as Tonton, an emblematic figure in post-war shipbuilding and yachting, founded his shipyard. The latter will quickly become a key player in the field of shipbuilding. A keen sailor, his passion for speed and comfort pushes him to design and build boats designed for excellence. From his creativity emerges new techniques, making him one of the precursors of molded wood and composite materials. 

In 1984, Pierrot Louis, his spiritual son, took the reins of the shipyard and continued the production of prototypes for the regatta. It is also expanding the subcontracting activity for large nautical yards, specializing in the production of mother parts and molds.

Today, Chantier Hervé is managed by Alain Balzeau, son-in-law of Pierrot Louis, who continues to perpetuate in the family, surrounded by loyal collaborators, the know-how and thirst for technical challenges inherited from his predecessors. Recently joined by his youngest son, Bérenger Balzeau, the team gives birth to ever more innovative sailboats and motorboats, thus consolidating the shipyard's reputation for excellence in the field of shipbuilding.

The art of creating unique pieces

Au Chantier Hervé, la passion pour le travail bien fait et le souci du détail sont inscrits dans notre ADN. Chaque membre de notre équipe partage cette vision et s’efforce de surpasser les attentes, repoussant sans cesse les limites de l’excellence dans la construction de bateaux sur-mesure, qu’il s’agisse de voiliers ou de bateaux à moteur.

Our commitment to quality, beauty and performance is unwavering, and we are proud to offer our clients vessels that are both maritime masterpieces and testaments to our passion for the sea and boating.

With us, craftsmanship and authenticity take precedence. Our ambition is not to mass produce, but rather to design unique pieces, respecting traditions, while embracing innovation to constantly improve our achievements. 

Each boat crafted at the Hervé Shipyard is truly one of a kind. Each achievement requires careful implementation of our skills and an ability to adapt to creative and technological challenges. 

Boats designed with passion

Our greatest satisfaction lies in the belief that each boat we create offers our customers a unique experience, awakening their happiness and providing them with unparalleled pleasure. 

The feeling of having crafted an exceptional object, ready to defy the elements while fulfilling the customer's desires, is a real source of pride for our team.

Building on our solid reputation acquired with prestigious boat designers such as Dufour, Gibert Marine, Dynamique Yachts, Jeanneau, Bénéteau, J Boat, Lagoon, Archambault, Alliaura, Rhéa Marine, Amel, Fountaine Pajot, and many others, we reinforces our philosophy. We maintain the focus of attention to details, with the exception, to perpetual emotion.


Creation of the Hervé site by Fernand Hervé


Moving from the construction site to the wooden city


Creation of an SARL Fernand Hervé


Alain Balzeau apprenticed at the construction site


Death of Fernand Hervé and takeover of the company

Taken over by the Louis family under the direction of Pierre Louis alias “Pierrot”


Fire in the construction site


Moving to new premises still in the "ville en bois"


Alain Balzeau and Véronique Balzeau take charge of the site

Véronique Balzeau, daughter of the Louis family


Bérenger Balzeau joins the production workforce


Moving to the first ring of La Rochelle Perigny


Bérenger Balzeau and Véronique Balzeau take charge of the Site